Nokia PC Suite Latest Version Free Download for Windows XP, 7 and Windows 8

In case you've got a Nokia mobile and a computer , then you positively can't stand to be without the Nokia PC Suite. Nokia PC suite is a requisition intended to empower Nokia mobile holders to exchange significant documents from the cellular mobile to the workstation and the other way around, additionally to control a portion of the handheld's characteristics straight from the desktop. Nokia Suite is exceptionally easy to introduce, because of a supportive, regulated wizard that aides you through the methodology of snaring your mobile. 
The primary menu comprises of an arrangement of splendid, strong symbols offering a door to some cool characteristics. The capacities you'll presumably utilize most are the reinforcement and restore and record exchange devices, which run rapidly and without fuss.another exceptionally convenient capacity you will discover in Nokia PC Suite is the feature review and transformation. You can utilize it to transform any motion picture into the feature arrangement underpinned by your Nokia mobile.

What is the use of Nokia PC Suite?
Nokia PC Suite only works with Microsoft PC and Nokia mobile devices. The program was originally released in 1997 by Nokia Corporation as Nokia Data Suite. You can view and edit the information in your Nokia phone on your desktop screen. Nokia PC Suite lets you manage your calendar, contacts, messages, music, photos, etc.

Additionally, you can backup your data. An application may create an Internet connection for your PC via a Nokia device. You can set up a network using a Nokia phone as a modem between your PC and Wi-Fi. You can manage your files with the 'File Manager' feature. 'Applicant' allows you to install applications easily.

‘Connection Assistant’ gives you easy steps to follow to sync your mobile phone to your computer or laptop. You will need to connect your phone to the PC with any of the connection options mentioned earlier. Nokia PC Suite will search for connected phones.

The Wizard will appear every time you start the program unless you check the 'Do not show this screen next time' box. Alternatively, you can connect your mobile device to the app directly within the user interface by clicking on the mobile image on the left panel. Your latest mobile notifications will appear under the phone image.

Tools used for synchronization
The correct part of the UI contains all the commands. Although thumbnails may not be directly labeled, images represent tasks: contacts, maps, music, videos, etc. Additionally, the same action items are clearly marked within the ‘File’ tab.

If you want to customize the user experience, you can click on the 'Settings' drop-down menu to access the 'General', 'Audio Conversion', and 'Video Conversation' tabs. You can also select and stop the types of notifications you would like to appear on the Home screen. The service allows you to receive incoming call announcements and messages. Additionally, you can get updates on battery percentage.

Nokia PC Suite lets you choose the bit rate and audio content of the content. You can decide whether you want the video format to be high quality, medium, or low quality MP4 files.

Some notes are important
There is one important thing to note when using this phone manager software on your Nokia device, and it is related to creating and managing backups. The backup feature in this PC Suite is using an unencrypted binary file format (.nbu), which can only be used to restore the phone with a client ID.

This means you can only access your data by performing a restore on an active call. External company programs (commercial or free) can be used to read the file if you want. Note that but they vary greatly in the amount of information they can access and access.

Simple Nokia Manager for PCs
Nokia PC Suite lets you control all content on your Nokia phone from your desktop. Free download has an easy-to-use interface with many features. You can make a backup copy of your personal information from your phone to your PC. The app allows you to transfer multimedia files between devices: contacts, photos, music, videos, etc.

Nokia PC Suite has not received a long update, however. Developers have another program you can use to update your Nokia device called the Nokia Care Suite. If you select Nokia PC Suite, you can still make phone software updates within the ‘File’ tab and the icon menu to the right of the UI. However, it is recommended that you switch to the new and latest PC suite for better support and stability.

Supported OS: Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8

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